Harnessing Heaven takes GOLD!

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Harnessing Heaven’ 2017 Readers’ Favorite Best Book Winner! [Non-Fiction- Religion/ Philosophy genre.]

Below is an excerpt from “Harnessing Heaven”:

Mastering acceptance is a potential road to finding inner peace. If we hold on to heartache and disappointment long enough, this inhibits us from loving and accepting ourselves and, by extension, others. Having experienced this many times, I have learned that it is best to acknowledge the pain we have experienced, learn from mistakes, and move on. Other than fueling our own ego, there is no point in being stubborn and holding onto negativity when we can flow with life’s energy rather than resisting it.

. . . . Do not ever put yourself down when comparing yourself with others. Lessons take many forms, as we all are at different stages of development. We are all unique, so our challenges and predicaments will always be different. This is why we should never judge another person. We cannot begin to understand what it is to be another person and walk in his or her shoes. We cannot understand from our human perspective where another is in life. Whether you are rich or poor, you may find lesson of compassion and faith along your path. . .


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