What can we learn from recent events?

150 150 Harnessing Heaven

The tragedies in Dallas, Minnesota, Louisiana, and now France paint a dark picture of how society views itself in each of these regions. People are so hardened and fixed in their personal beliefs that they will resort to killing and violence of innocent people rather than looking themselves in the mirror and to face their own realities. We all have fears and while they may be different for each of us, violence is never the answer and usually fuels the cycle of fighting fire with fire. Isn’t is better to appreciate our differences and work towards a solution?

The following excerpt from Harnessing Heaven explains why it is futile to look at each other with contempt believing we are so different when we are playing each other’s roles in this lifetime or another. Prey becomes predator and predator will eventually become prey. This is the Law of Cause and Effect.

“The experience of the human condition is based on a false pretense of what society decides is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for its inhabitants. If you were born in a different time in history or another culture you would have a completely different set of false pretenses of what was important for its members of society.”

It’s ok to defend ourselves from terrorism, although eventually there may be another answer, but racism is complete insanity.