This inspiring book is about tapping into the power of Heaven enabling you to embrace a process of self-discovery.
You can follow the same steps the author has to awaken his soul and pursue the path of a closer relationship with the heavenly realm.

Seven Principles

Now, introducing the Seven Principles for clarifying your life purpose.

Live Life to its Fullest

This book combine’s guidance from Heaven with lessons to help us along our own path in life. Ignite your spirit and order your book today!

Road Map for Humanity

These lessons along with insights from the authors own spiritual awakening provide wisdom and a road map for humanity.

Harnessing Heaven: Inspiring Book, Inspirational Author, Self Discovery, Clifford Michaels
Answers to Life’s Riddles

The book contains many answers to life’s riddles as well as a methodology for the reader to embark on his or her own personal development to take on their own challenges in life.

Reviews for this Book are Strong

The writing is candid and direct with a purpose to every word within its pages. Once you start reading this book you will not put it down!

Addresses Issues that Divide Us

It’s time to stop looking for differences in each other and begin seeing the similarities. There is power in unity, and many reasons for our existence including creativity, love and the infinite development of knowledge. We are all connected whether we think so or not…

Harnessing Heaven is available to purchase now!