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Clifford Michaels

Clifford Michaels, Author of HARNESSING HEAVEN, speaks on topics that relate to self-discovery, life lessons, why you are here now, spirituality, and raising humanity awareness. Discovering who we are and reaching our full potential is a fulfilling part of our journey.

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Everything is interconnected.

Cliff Michaels, Author of Harnessing Heaven: Inspiring Book, Inspirational Author, Self Discovery

Topics include:

  • The Seven Principles for Clarifying Your Life’s Purpose
  • How to Unlock your full potential
  • Methods for Spiritual Expansion

An Inspiring and motivational speaker, Clifford is comfortable speaking in all types of settings. These topics along with insights from the authors own spiritual awakening provide wisdom and a road map for humanity. Previous venues have included, Bookstores, Annual Conferences, Empowered Expositions, Conventions, Corporate settings and Cancer Centers. He has also been featured on radio talk shows, newspapers and podcasts. Clifford is available for interviews and speaking appearances.

What will you learn?

  • Thoughts and Emotions are alive
  • The Power of Unity
  • Your Thinking Equals Your Experience
  • Keys for Opening your Heart
  • A Four-Step Process for Setting the Power of Intention

*Note: Depending on the size of the group, books may be free or deeply discounted.