TopShelf Indie Book Awards Announces Harnessing Heaven as Finalist!

150 150 Harnessing Heaven

We all have dreams and visions when we are young and unburdened, only to put them aside in favor of day-to-day “grown up” activities. Life is a learning process, we are often placed in our path whether we feel ready or not. No matter how difficult your life might seem, it is possible to create your ideal life. Through confidence, conviction, and passion, you will be able to bring your hidden dreams to reality. You’re capable of achieving incredible things. I know I continue to surprise myself, despite my original reluctantly, and so can you!

Over the years, TopShelf Magazine has worked hard to build a powerful brand––a name booksellers, librarians, authors, and book-lovers can trust. They offer readers invaluable marketing advice, professionally written trade reviews of the latest indie and traditional books, exclusive and thought-provoking author interviews, book spotlights, indie discoveries, and more.

What is the purpose of the TopShelf Indie Book Awards? Simple. To use the powerful brand to raise awareness of the best indie authors and books––not just to readers, but a growing list of booksellers and librarians from around the globe. Every single book that gets entered into the TopShelf Indie Book Awards will be seen by booksellers, librarians, authors, agents, publicists, reviewers, readers, and more. Each category has up to 5 Finalists. Harnessing Heaven will be listed in the holiday issue of TopShelf Magazine and will be listed on the INDIE DISCOVERIES page at for one full year.