150 150 Harnessing Heaven

When speaking of God and how the human race came about, people often refer to “his or its creation” (depending on their religious tradition). Therefore, in a subtle, yet significant, way we are seeing Spirit expressing itself through us and using creativity with who we are. If we are made in the image of our Source, then creating is a natural ability we all possess and need to foster.

The ability for each of us to be creatively expressive is unique, and so the differences among us should be embraced rather than judged. Education may result in a more refined expression, but the core essence in each of us is there before education takes hold. hRace, religion, education, age, sex, financial resources, looks, and size have no correlation with the great well of expression that resides within us.h

It is never too late to begin or to continue creating. This is a reason why we are here, and sometimes it takes an emotional jolt—such as the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or a divorce—to get us to wake up to the realization that we have not yet fully expressed the life we were meant to live. This is not to assume that we are unhappy. The thunderbolt throws us off balance, and when we regain our footing our perspective may change. We see that all along we may have been unaware of what life is presenting to us. When these events take place, we may be forced into an awakening. We start asking more powerful questions of ourselves and looking for answers. And questions build bridges to new places and fresh experiences.

My life is a perfect example of this. When I faced my own mortality, I changed my perspective and saw things differently. I asked many “why” questions of myself, my relationships, and my Maker. At first, it was confusing. Then I began to see life with more clarity as my awareness became heightened. As I worked with the Circle, I realized that this new insight was all it took for my perspective of life to shift to one where I asked what I could do for others instead of what they might do for me.

This was an excerpt from Harnessing Heaven, click here to purchase the book. (Available spring, 2016).